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Hacienda San Pedro Nohpat


Hacienda San Pedro Nohpat, once stood as an forgotten Monument of the historical Green Gold era of the Yucatan. With the dawning of the new millennium in the Yucatan, came new Canadian owners to the hacienda. This 16-century hacienda with a mix of Old Spanish and Colonial décor has since been transformed, with modern amenities, into a quaint boutique hotel.

Located in the center of a small Mayan village on the edge of Merida, the hacienda, has been described by guests, as being …An Oasis away from the city. Many of the people of the village still adorn themselves in traditional attire and speak their native Mayan language. Local culture and color is abundant in the daily activities surrounding the hacienda.

The hacienda has a mix of rooms and décor suited to each guest’s differing desires and needs. Affordable daily, weekly and monthly accommodations provide guests the opportunity to enjoy hacienda style living. Large groups or families can also inquire about private hacienda stays. Multiple swimming pools, outdoor and indoor relaxing amenities, provide guests with ample space to enjoy themselves. Along with marveling at the preserved Spanish architecture of the hacienda, guests can stroll the ample green spaces, discovering unique tropical flora and fauna.

The hacienda owners promote a relaxed and friendly family style atmosphere, prompting many of the guests to use the word …home… when describing the hacienda. The owners and staff strive to provide personal service, along with valuable information on Yucatan tours so guests can gain the most from their vacation.

Hacienda San Pedro Nohpat welcomes guests in to explore the vast wonders and treasures of the Yucatan, while at the same time, having a place they can always call home.

Owned and operated by Iona, Jr and Joanne Shaban


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